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Laser Headlights: Why are they better than LED Headlights?

Good lighting is very important for driving and will make your driving safer. With the development of technology, lighting headlights from the original halogen lights gradually developed to LED lights. At present, a new generation of lighting system - laser light is also gradually known.

The laser lightis a new generation of the revolutionary lighting system. As an auxiliary illumination, the laser light complements the farther distance for high beam and low beam light, maximizing the light output and extending the visual range of driving to twice before, providing the best driving headlight for you. Now, you might be wondering, is this laser light safe? Are safety standards met? Take it easy, let's talk about how the laser works first.

Laser headlights do not directly project light onto the road as one would imagine. Instead, the headlight housing directs monochrome blue laser beams through a series of mirrors within the headlight assembly. Next, the light is directed to a lens filled with yellow phosphorus. The blue laser light reacts to the lens filled with yellow phosphorus and generates very bright white light from the headlight. From this we can know that focused blue laser light is diffused through a phosphorous lens and is covered in the housing, so it is not visible, will not pose a threat to humans, even direct vision of the laser light will not harm human eyes, which is very safe.

So why is it better about laser light than LED light? Laser lights can easily achieve what LED lights cannot. Take the MICTUNING O-guider Laser Headlight for example, in terms of brightness, lumens up to 13000LM, up to 10 times brighter light than LED headlights, and illumination distance up to 1500m at 1 LUX, only 45w power, which maximizes the realization of high efficiency and low energy. At the same time, the penetrating power is strong enough to achieve high-speed driving in the dark. In addition, the white light output of the laser light is like daylight, which is very natural for the eyes and can reduce the fatigue of the driver.

Regarding laser lights, MICTUNING has several laser lights on sale, all of which have international FDA certification, emitted lasers meet safety requirements. They are 7-inch Wrangler driving headlight with laser light, 7-inch work light pod with laser light, 22-inch and 30-inch combination laser light bar. If you buy our products, we will provide a two-year MICTUNING warranty and lifetime best customer service.

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