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1.What is the difference of LED, HID and halogen?


Halogen lights can be compared to a standard light bulb. The only real difference is that a halogen light is filled with a halogen 

gas such as iodine or bromine, thus giving it its name. The first is that the light they produce is yellowish in color, which is 

not nearly as good for visibility as a purely white light. Second, the filaments inside halogen lights are very sensitive to bumps 

and vibrations, meaning they are not a very durable option. If you are planning to offroad on a bumpy trail, halogen lights 

may not be the best choice.


HID (which stands for High Intensity Discharge) lights produce light by evaporating metal salts inside a chamber filled with 

xenon gas before striking an arc between two electrodes. HID lights do, however, come with their own disadvantages. To begin with, 

they are quite expensive. HID lights also have a terribly large amp draw and a life expectancy that simply cannot compare 

with modern LED lights. 


LED lights operate on a completely solid state, making them incredibly durable, and work by dropping electrons down to a lower 

energy level, causing them to emit a bright, white light that provides far more illumination than halogen lights and nearly 

the same amount of illumination as HID lights.  LED lights have a very low amp draw, making them much more efficient than 

the competition

2. What is the difference between Spot, Flood, and Combo?

These terms mean the type of light beam. For a spot beam, the light is tight and focused. For flood beam, the light is broad and 

covers a large area but does not project as far. The combo light is a mixture of both spot and flood light. If you are using 

the light in a low speed application, our Flood lights will work best to light up the majority of the area around you. If you 

are moving fast and need a lot of advanced warning of upcoming conditions, the Spot will give you that greater distance. 

If you want to make sure you have both types available at all times, the Combo is your best bet.

3. About the wiring harness

A wire harness is a common addition to most LED light rigs. It provides a simple, self contained, solution to wiring up your lights. 

All vehicles are different. They have different electrical configurations that make a single integration into those systems impossible. 

By bypassing the wiring of your vehicle and creating direct connections, you will no longer be relying on complicated electrical 

systems that are difficult to debug.

4. What is a Relay Switch and Why do I Need One?

A relay is an electrical switch that lets a low current circuit control a high current circuit such as a large LED light bar. 

If your light has a very large amp draw at all, you will want to install a relay switch to keep from overheating an ordinary 

switch, burning up the wires, and thus reducing the amount of electricity getting to your light. If you are using a light pod 

that does not have a very large amp draw, you may not need a relay switch, but if you are using a larger LED light bar, 

they are a must have.

5. How long is the lifespan of our light?

Our lights are made to last more than 30000 hours of use. Some of our headlights last for 50000 hours. So the quality of our 

light is great. Mictuning is the best choice for your off road.

6. How to get more help?

Any problem please don’t hesitate to contact us with email.Just write email to support@mictuning.com and tell us the problem, 

we will reply you and try best to solve the problemfor you in time.

7. How to install the wiring harness to the light bar?

Step 1: Mount your lights to your vehicle. While mounting the light bar please make sure the wires were tucked under the mount.

Step 2: Your lights should have a red (positive) and black (negative) wire. The wiring harness kit comes with adapters (see picture) which you clamp 

to both of these wires so they can be connected to the red and black wires in this kit. Once these adapters have been connected, you can attach 

them to the red/black leads. 


Step 3: If you wire the light directly to the battery you can turn them on even without turning on your vehicle. Also, the blue lights on the toggle 

switch stay on permanently. Attach the red and black wires with a loop on the end to the screws on your battery (see picture). Make sure you 

attach the red to the positive and black to the negative. This kit does contain a fuse box which already comes pre-attached.


Step 4: The blue, white, and black wires go to the toggle switch. You will need to run these wires through the firewall in your vehicle in order to 

mount it inside your vehicle. If you are able to find a hole (see pictures) on the driver’s side a little above the pedals then you can run the

 wires through this hole and removed the side panel of your dash to bring the wires up to the space between windshield and dash. 


Step 5: Connect the wires to the rocker switch. The little red and black wires need to be connected to the back of the toggle switches. The black 

wires are connected to 7 and 8. The double red wire is connected to 2 and 6, and the single red wire is connected to 3 (see picture). The small black 

wire is then connected to the large black wire. The small double red wire is attached to the large white wire. The single red wire is attached to the 

large blue wire. See picture.


Step 6: You can zip tied the wires to the tubing that contain all the wires under my hood. This basically just cleans it up a bit and keeps everything in place.


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