4 Way Battery Terminal Connectors Adjustable, 2PCS Quick Release Disconnect Car Battery Post Clamp

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1. Convenient Wiring & Firm Connection - 4 Way Battery Terminal Connectors has 4 post for wire connection. The cables are held in with screws and make a tight and secure connection

2. Quick Identification - One red (positive)+ one black (negative) terminals connector labeled, clearly marked for easy polarity identification. Adjustable Positive Diameter: 0.68in-0.75in, Adjustable Negative Diameter: 0.62in-0.68in

3. Solid Construction - The battery terminals are made of tinned copper, with superior corrosion resistance, high electrical conductivity, reduce current transmission loss

4. Easy to Use - Use Hex Wrench to unscrew the screw, insert wire and tighten screw. After installing battery, connects to the battery posts by pressing down the lever. NOTE: Do not overtighten the screws during installation

5. Wide Use - Fits for SAE/JIS Type A posts, can be used for Cars, Vans, Caravan, Motorhomes, Marine, Botat, Truck Batteries, Car Audio, etc

Package Included:

2x Battery Terminal Connectors