30 Amp Generator Power Inlet Box Weatherproof, NEMA L5-30P Outdoor Inlet Box for 3 Prong Generator Cord, 125 Volt, 3750 Watts, ETL Listed

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  • 30A Generator Inlet Box - 3 Prong, NEMA L5-30P, 30A 125V, 3750W power inlet box, work with 30A RV generator cord. Max Wire Gauge:10AWG. It allows you to add a generator connection directly to your electrical panel in case you have a power outage
  • Green Indicator Light - There is a clear green light on the flip cover, which will light up when the generator is started. The light well indicate whether the power connection is successful and provide safety
  • Large Space & Easy Wiring - The generous wiring space increased by 50% than ordinary boxes. Wiring diagram is easy to understand, use a cross screwdriver to easily open the socket panel for easy placement and wiring
  • Weatherproof & Sturdy - Power Inlet Box has a rainproof flip cover to prevent rain, moisture and dust entering in. Constructed of iron with anti-corrosive powder-coat paint, well withstand element and last for long time use
  • 4-Ways Connection - There are 4 knockouts located on 4 areas (Left, Right, Bottom & Back) as power cord inlets. Knockouts are not penetrated and we recommend using a Step Drill Bit or Hole Cutter to drill through them

  • 1 x 30A Generator Inlet Box - 3 Prong