MICTUNING DC 12V 30/40 Amp 5pin SPDT Relay - LED Light Bar Replacement Relays 10 Pack


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1. High Performance - 40A Switching Capability ,12V DC.Suitable for MICTUNING Heavy Duty(HD) LED Light Bar Wiring Harness Kit.

2.Multiple Contact Types - It has the features that one is a group of normally open, a group of normally closed, a group of conversion.
a group of movement (two 87 feet), a set of static contact, total five contact types.

3.Professional Construction - the 5-prong relays are SPDT designed (single pole double throw), it's able to open or close a circuit, greatly used for car lights, fog lamps, wiper, starter, fans, speakers, traction control systems, etc.

4.Easy Installation - Multiple work methods ,product come with detailed different work way of this type relay(attached in ads photos),don't worry how to make them work,just choose your favorite work methods.

5.Wide Application - Wide range of use, greatly used for car lights, fog lamps, wiper, starter, fans, speakers, traction control systems, etc

Pin Instrucctions: Ground (85), VDC (30), Trigger (86), Output N/C (87a), and Output N/O (87).

Package Included:
10x Relays

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Specifications :
Contact Form: 1A, 1B, 1C, 1U, 2A
Max,Operating Current :40A
Max.Operating Voltage : 27VDC
Rated Load(Resistive load) : 1A:40A 13.5VDC 20A 27VDC 1C:NO/NC 40A/30A 13.5VDC 20A/15A 27VDC
Insulation Resistance : 100MΩ
Operate/Release Time : 10ms/10ms
Outline dimensions: 25.0X27.4X28.4(mm)