Job Responsibilities:

  1. Build the company's overseas network marketing system, develop and manage precise advertising in various channels.
  2. Manage marketing budgets, continue to optimize the effects of marketing advertisements, and promote the healthy improvement of sales performance.
  3. Operate overseas social media accounts, form a complete social media matrix, and establish good interaction with fans and Internet celebrities.
  4. Combine marketing content and brand positioning, analyze and put forward plans and suggestions for company brand marketing.
  5. Timely grasp the market trends and changes of cross-border e-commerce, understand the market and user needs, and submit feasible plans that suitable for market demand to the company.

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above, 2 years or above channel promotion experience, major in advertising, marketing, international tradeis preferred.
  2. Familiar with the marketing tools of mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms, and familiar with Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Google advertising.
  3. Familiar with the operating environment and trading rules of the company's overseas online trading platform, experienced in content writing and fan interaction.
  4. Success in long-term operation of 100,000+ user-level accounts for establishing new media brands from 0 to 1 is preferred.


  1. Social Insurance: Sign formal labor contracts and pay social insurance according to regulations
  2. Meal Supplement System: the company provides working lunch or meal supplement
  3. Annual Tourism: regularly organize 1 to 2 large-scale tourism activities every year
  4. Company Activities: team dinners, outdoor activities, afternoon tea, birthday parties, etc
  5. Care for Health: 1 medical examination per year and its expenses will be reimbursed

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