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1. The device cannot be searched on the APP  1. In USA, how long will it take for delivery?
2. Control box installation environment  2. Do you ship internationally?
3. Can't play music or find music in music mode  3. How can I track my order?
4.  Dimensions of mounting screws for LED rock light  4. How much does international shipping usually cost?
5. Are wiring harness and extension cord universal?  

6. No Bluetooth signal can be searched in the phone Bluetooth settings.

7. Bluetooth signal can be found in the phone bluetooth Settings, but not in the APP  
8. The APP picture is distorted and all functions such as closed function cannot be displayed  
9.Can APP control several sets of devices at the same time  
10. The temperature of the control box is abnormally high  
11. After the light is installed, it can’t be turned off, the light will light up by itself  
12. The Settings in Q1 have been changed  

13. The APP is connected to the device, but all the lights are not controlled and cannot light up

14. In the case of APP connected to the device, the light is not controlled nor the colors  
15. Some colors of whole set rock lights are not displayed  
16. There is color problem of individual light in a set of rock lights  
17. The white colr of the light is not pure white, but other colors are normal  
18. Why are all the lights flashing after installation  
19.The fuse will burn out as soon as the control box is connected to electricity.  
20. How many lights can be connected to a control box at most  
21. There are 2 or more sets of devices, one of which does not light up  
 22.MICTUNING C3 LED Rock Lights FAQ