Does MICTUNING Wheel Light Fit Your Vehicle? A Complete Sizing Guide
MICTUNING's RGBW Wheel Lights and RGBIC Wheel Lights have taken the automotive world by storm since their launch. To ensure our products fit your wheels perfectly, we offer two size options: 15.5” Diameter and 17.5” Diameter. Before you place your order, it's crucial to determine whether our wheel lights are compatible with your wheels and, if so, which size you should choose. Let's explore this step-by-step guide to make sure you get the right fit for your vehicle.

Compatibility Chart:
Before diving into the details, let's quickly go over our compatibility chart:
1. Check for a Cover Plate:
The first step in ensuring that MICTUNING's Wheel Lights will fit your vehicle is to confirm if your wheels have a cover plate. Our wheel lights can only be installed on wheels equipped with these cover plates. But what exactly is a cover plate? Take a look at the picture below for a clear visual reference:

2. Measure the Diameters:
Once you've confirmed the presence of a cover plate, it's time to measure the diameters of your rotor and hub. This will help determine which size of MICTUNING Wheel Lights is suitable for your vehicle.

For 15.5" Wheel Lights:
- If your rotor has a diameter greater than 14.8 inches.
- If your hub diameter is less than 19 inches.

Use the picture below for step-by-step instructions on how to measure for the 15.5" Wheel Lights:

For 17.5" Wheel Lights:
- If your rotor has a diameter greater than 16.5 inches.
- If your hub diameter is less than 21 inches.

Here's a visual guide to assist you in measuring for the 17.5" Wheel Lights:

Now that you've determined whether your wheels have a cover plate and accurately measured your rotor and hub diameters, you're well-equipped to select the right MICTUNING Wheel Lights size for your vehicle. With the perfect fit, you'll be ready to enhance your car's aesthetics and lighting in no time. Enjoy the brilliance of our wheel lights on your journey!