J1 7” Motorcycle LED Headlight with 4.5” Fog Lights Kit - A Game Changer In Lighting

If your old headlight is hazed and fog lights are dim, and you want an upgrade from your stock lights, why not try something else? MICTUNING J1 7inch Motorcycle LED Headlight with 4.5inch Fog Lights are great upgrade from the stock lights on your motorcycle. They provide a brighter light for you to see the road ahead, and make your motorcycle look great! Huge improvement over OEM light. In this article, we'll explore the remarkable features of J1 headlight with fog light kit and how they can boost your driving experience to the next level.

DOT Approved

There are many choices of LED headlights, but far less that are truly DOT certified. If there is no DOT insignia on your lights, you can be ticketed. But, don't worry, J1 headlight is DOT approved with record number stamp on them, 100% guarantees that your lights are legal on the road. Unlike a lot of so called DOT approved lamps that have no record number and look fake.  


Anti-glare Z-shaped Beam

One of the standout feature is anti-glare. If you are pulled over by the police for having your headlights "blinding", you also can be ticketed. We have solved this potential problem for you. Our headlight with Anti-glare Z-shaped cutoff lines, more uniform lighting, No Blind Area or dark spots, it doesn't seem to blind oncoming motorist.


High Brightness

Another good aspect of the product is brightness. They are very bright, and will make all the difference driving at night. The 60W headlight offers 8000lm High Beam and 4000lm Low Beam, and fog lights with total 60W high power(30W/each) to output 6000K clear bright light. Compared to the original lights these make driving at night like being in daylight. Both of them light up the road and help you see everything so far ahead and clearly, thus increase safety as others will be able to see you much better!

Unique Lighting Modes & Halo Wiring

The lights themselves are plug and play and it does take a few simple wire connections to get the welcome halo and angel halo to work. There is unique Start-up Gradient Welcome Halo when only connect to DRL, not turn signal. If you want Angel Halo lighting effect, need to connect both DRL & Turn Signal.

Durability & Installation

Because of IP67 waterproof rating, you don't need to worry about moisture, condensation and dust. It is made of high-quality materials for long-term use, aluminum heat sink to dissipate heat quickly, the lifespan of these lights will be up to 50,000 hours, which means that you can save a lot of money for future replacement. Plug and play, comes with all things you need for easy and quick installation, including H4 to H11 adapter, H4 to male adapter, etc.



These are so cool looking headlight and fog lights Kit, and a huge upgrade for the motorcycle.  Easy to install, plug and play. The lights are extremely bright and the halos work fantastically. Anti-glare Z-shaped Beam, no worry about blinding oncoming traffic. These are a good value as well, the quality is great. Rated IP67 waterproof and these lights are supposed to burn 50,000 hours. In conclusion, MICTUNING J1 7inch Motorcycle LED Headlight with 4.5inch Fog Lights will Make You Feel Confident When Driving In Dark. If you’re thinking about it - BUY IT!!