P1s-X Switch Panel: What’s Upgraded?

Building upon the success of the P1s, the P1s-X introduces several enhancements that make it more user-friendly and efficient. Let’s dive into the key upgrades and see how they benefit users.

1. Manually Turn Off Backlight and Indicators

One of the standout features of the P1s-X is the ability to completely turn off the backlight and indicators. Previously, the P1s offered five levels of brightness adjustment, but now, with the P1s-X, you can turn off the backlight and indicators entirely by long-pressing the On/Off button. For those using a wireless switch panel, simply double-click the brightness button to achieve the same effect.


This upgrade is particularly beneficial for night driving. Bright indicator lights can be distracting and even cause glare, which can compromise safety. By allowing users to turn off the backlight and indicators, the P1s-X ensures a distraction-free driving experience at night, enhancing overall safety and comfort.

2. More Control Modes

The P1s-X doesn’t just stop at improved lighting; it also expands your control options with four distinct modes:

- STROBE: Perfect for warning signals, providing a rapid blinking light.
- FLASH: Ideal for turn signals, with a steady blinking tempo.
- MOMENTARY: The light activates only while the button is held down.
- TOGGLE: A constant light that stays on until manually turned off.


These additional modes make the P1s-X incredibly versatile, catering to a wide range of automotive needs.

3. Circuit Breaker Replaced with Fuse

In the P1s model, a circuit breaker was included to protect your car’s electrical system. The P1s-X upgrades this safety feature by replacing the circuit breaker with a fuse. This new setup includes a wire with a fuse container and a fuse, making installation straightforward and user-friendly. Plus, we’ve added a spare fuse for your convenience, ensuring that you’re never left unprotected in case of a fuse blowout.

At the core of these upgrades is our commitment to listening to our customers and continuously refining our products. The changes in the P1s-X are direct responses to user feedback, aiming to make your driving experience safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. We believe that the best innovations come from understanding and addressing real-world needs, and the P1s-X Switch Panel is a perfect example of this philosophy in action.

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