Job Responsibilities:

  1. Daily management of platform warehousing and logistics channels, including channel system configuration, upgrade, maintenance, optimization and exception handling.
  2. Monitor the overall operation indicators of platform warehousing and logistics channels, analyze the data to find out the reasons that affect cost, timeliness, quality and service and solve the problems.
  3. Actively connect with sales to obtain front-end requirements for warehousing and logistics channels, and coordinate back-end resource management and control.
  4. Formulate logistics activity plans based on big data analysis and competitive product research, optimized the front-end logistics service items of the website. 

Job Requirements:

  1. College degree or above, more than 2 years of work experience. The standards can be appropriately relaxed for excellent interviewee.
  2. Highly sensitive to data. Have data analysis ability to find internal operation problems and develop solutions.
  3. Good at inter-departmental communication, resource coordination and pace control, with strong logical thinking ability.
  4. Experience in warehousing and logistics operation in large e-commerce companies; Experience in logistics quality control, process optimization, planning is preferred.


  1. Social Insurance: Sign formal labor contracts and pay social insurance according to regulations
  2. Meal Supplement System: the company provides working lunch or meal supplement
  3. Annual Tourism: regularly organize 1 to 2 large-scale tourism activities every year
  4. Company Activities: team dinners, outdoor activities, afternoon tea, birthday parties, etc
  5. Care for Health: 1 medical examination per year and its expenses will be reimbursed

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