Job Responsibilities:

  1. Have a deep insight into consumer needs, understand consumer values, and turn them into breakthrough marketing activities to achieve product visibility expansion and reputation maintenance.
  2. Formulate brand communication strategies according to brand development plans, and be responsible for the focus and planning of brand communication throughout the year.
  3. Output corresponding creative marketing plans and materials, and implement them to ensure the effect of marketing activities.
  4. Responsible for the construction of overseas brand system, good at digging effective communication channels, and integrated marketing with internal and external resources.

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above, with proficient English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, English can be used as a working language; overseas study or work experience is preferred.
  2. 2 years or above experience in brand marketing and promotion. Advertising, marketing, news communication, public relations and other related majors are preferred.
  3. Experienced in brand marketing planning, traded brand overseas business, familiar with various overseas social media or media magazines is preferred.
  4. Possess strong overall planning, anti-stress ability, team building and management experience.


  1. Social Insurance: Sign formal labor contracts and pay social insurance according to regulations
  2. Meal Supplement System: the company provides working lunch or meal supplement
  3. Annual Tourism: regularly organize 1 to 2 large-scale tourism activities every year
  4. Company Activities: team dinners, outdoor activities, afternoon tea, birthday parties, etc
  5. Care for Health: 1 medical examination per year and its expenses will be reimbursed

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