Job Responsibilities:

  1. Independently complete R&D and design of electronic products, proofing and welding, debugging and testing.
  2. Independently complete product component selection and relevant documents and certification.
  3. Conduct product defect analysis and solutions.
  4. Go to the factory for new product production guidance and quality maintenance.

Job Requirements:

  1. 2 years or aboverelated experience, college degree or above, graduated from a major in electronic technology.
  2. Skilled in using electric soldering iron, thermostatic welding platform, electronic instruments and other testing equipment and PCB design software (Altium Designer, etc.).
  3. Possess strong logical thinking ability, analytical and practical ability, communication and coordination ability.
  4. Those who have experience in LED car light products and are familiar with factory manufacturers are preferred.


  1. Social Insurance: Sign formal labor contracts and pay social insurance according to regulations
  2. Meal Supplement System: the company provides working lunch or meal supplement
  3. Annual Tourism: regularly organize 1 to 2 large-scale tourism activities every year
  4. Company Activities: team dinners, outdoor activities, afternoon tea, birthday parties, etc
  5. Care for Health: 1 medical examination per year and its expenses will be reimbursed

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