Q1: How to determine if the product is correctly powered on?
A1: Open the Bluetooth settings on your mobile phone and search for the device signal "J1H-2L" or "J1H-2L-S". If the signal is detected, it means the connection is correct and the product is powered on. If you cannot find the signal, please check whether the cable connections and fuse are loose.

Q2: Unable to find the device in the App?
  • Step 1: Check the wiring to ensure correct connections.
  • Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth settings on your cellphone. If the device is powered on properly, it should be discoverable on your cellphone.
  • Step 3: For iPhone, please restart the phone, open the App authorization and Bluetooth authorization (phone settings-privacy-Bluetooth-allowed Apps). If unable to find the device in the APP, please provide the phone model and system model. For Android phone, you need to enable Location Services and grant Location Permission to the app in order to search and connect to the device. (Enabling location services is a requirement by the Android device's physical layer, and MICTUNING assures that no privacy data will be collected.)

Q3: The light unable to work normally?
A3: Check whether the connector is properly connected. If the light is still not on, connect the light to the other side connector for a test. Please take a video during the test and contact us. We will quickly replace the product depending on the situation.

Q4: Why is the light not turning on after reconnecting?
A4: You need to perform the operation again through the App.

Q5: When switch colors in the App, the light cannot display colors correctly?
A5: Test single color of red/green/blue in the App, then take a video. We will quickly replace the product depending on the situation.