MICTUNING is a leading manufacturer of off-road lighting product and auto parts for over 9 years. We are devoted to manufacturing product with artful design, cutting-edge technologies and highest quality standards, creating a cooler and more enjoyable experience for each and every vehicle modification enthusiast.

Our experienced R&D team has independently developed more than 30 products, including light bars, work lights, rock lights, wheel lights, light strips, modified rearview mirrors and more, and own more than 10 product patents. We have our own OME factory, which integrates technology

development, formulation, design, processing and manufacturing. We can customize products for customers. At present, many customers have cooperated with us and produced customized products in our factory. 

All MICTUNING products follow strict industrial manufacturing quality standards, and have passed the CE, FCC certification, etc. They made of carefully-selected materials and pass through strict quality check to ensure each of you get superior quality. Each product has undergone high-temperature and low-temperature tests to ensure they can maintain stable performance.


MICTUNING K1 RGBW Pods Light can provide drivers clear nighttime visibility and enhance the look of their vehicles. They are usually well-built and operated through Bluetooth connection. MICTUNING is offering the latest tech with these RGBW lights. Here we are about to introduce and explain the technology features they offer and the overall performance.


K1 RGBW LED Pods Light

How We Got Our Start? - Design Concept

In order to create this work light combined with high-performance and fun, we chose RGBW 4-in-1 high-brightness LED lamp beads, and also specially developed and customized a set of MICTUNING APP control system, with the use of Broadcom Bluetooth chip, to better give play to the atmosphere effect and performance of this product. In terms of lighting, with the driving light mode as the standard, we have developed a variety of lighting patterns to match for more usage scenarios. 

What Efforts Have We Made - Design Improvement  

In order to make atmosphere lighting effect more charming, we specially use the crystal tube as light guide to make the lighting more uniform and natural. Meanwhile, we use a high-strength integrated aluminum alloy shell, obtaining better performance in water resistance, sturdiness, drop resistance and scratch resistance.

We hope that this product can bring a better experience to those DIY vehicle modification enthusiast who like to pursue high quality and high performance, and can let users enjoy better atmosphere effect.



What Makes Our Product Unique? - Technology Features


  1. Surface Treatment

Light body surface adopted metal frosted black treatment, it has superior wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


  1. Housing Workmanship

Adopted integral aluminum alloy casting, with high strength and high precision.


  1. Cooling Method

Designed with cooling fin on the back, it helps to maximize the heat dissipation area under the limited volume, and improve heat dissipation efficiency.


  1.  Lighting Way

Adopted 3535 white light beads and RGBW atmosphere light beads. White led as the light source, the power reaches 18W, and cooperate with the driving mode reflector to achieve the driving light effect.

Atmosphere light use RGBW 4-in-1 LED chip (red, green, blue and white), and create greater possibilities for color mixing through APP control.


  1. Bluetooth SOC Chip

The controller uses the expensive Bluetooth SOC chip from Broadcom as the main control chip, achieving more stable Bluetooth connection, faster response speed, excellent performance, high stability and good compatibility. 


  1.  Control Way

Connected by a 7-core waterproof connector, which is convenient to use. 7-core wire: 2 wires are the main lighting power cables, which are turned on and off through the wire harness switch, and cannot be controlled by the APP. The remaining 5 wires are connected to the atmosphere light. Send commands to the Bluetooth module of the controller through the mobile phone APP, and the controller will control the lights to emit different colors and effects through the connection between the 5-core wire and the lights.


  1. Maximum Connection Quantity of Light

A set of control box can connect up to 2 lights at most. 


  1. Technical Specification

Power: 18W

Lumen: 1620lm

Voltage: 10-30V

Lifespan: 50000 hours

Working Temperature: -40 to 50℃



These RGBW LED Pods Light offering advanced and practical features. They provide you safe off-road adventure and make you full of fun with advanced technology and control.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How to judge whether the product is powered on correctly?

A1: First, after connecting the cable, turn on the switch, the switch indicator lights up. Then, turn on the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone and search for the device signal B2000-K1 or B2000-K1S, which means that the connection is correct and the product is powered on normally. If not, check whether the connection of wire harness is correct.


Q2: Can't connect with Bluetooth?

A2: Step1, Check the wiring to ensure correct connection

Step2, Open the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone, power on normally, and the device can be searched on the mobile phone

Step3, For iPhone, please restart the mobile phone, open the APP authorization and Bluetooth authorization (phone settings - privacy - Bluetooth - allowed apps). If device cannot be searched in APP, please provide the phone model and system model. For Android devices, you also need to open the location service and APP location authorization to search and connect in the APP. (The locate function involves privacy data, and MICTUNING promises not to collect these data. The locate function is opened because of the regulations of the physical layer of Android devices).


Q3: There are two switches in the wire harness, what lights do they control?

A3: One is the power switch for white lighting, and the other is the power switch for RGBW atmosphere light.


Q4: On the one side, white lighting or atmosphere light is not on?

A4: Check whether the connector is properly connected. If the light is still not on, connect the light to the other side connector for a test. Please record a video during the test, and contact our after-sales staff for a quick replacement.


Q5: Can't switch colors after Bluetooth connection?

A5: Please check the device you need to control in the APP options.


Q6: After the Bluetooth connection, the light is black and you can't turn on the light at all?

A6: This is because one of the power cords in the control box has been pulled off. Please contact our after-sales staff for a quick replacement.


Q7: The APP cannot display the color correctly when switching colors.

A7: Turn on the test mode in the APP, take a video of the light color, contact our after-sales staff, and we will quickly replace the goods according to the video.


Q8: Can white lighting and atmosphere light work independently?

A8: It can work independently.


Q9: Can the white lighting be controlled by APP?

A9: Cannot. It can be controlled by wire harness switch.


For more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.