Q1: One or Two Light doesn’t work?
A1: Please try to re-pair the lights.
1. Turn on the wire harness switch three times repeatedly ( each interval shall not
exceed 5 seconds) Wait for the LED light to flash to the enter the pairing mode
2. Press and hold the breathing button of control box for five seconds to connect, the
pairing is successful until indicator light is steady on.

Q2: The APP cannot search for the device?
A2: 1. Check the wiring to ensure correct connection

Open the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone, power on normally, and the
device can be searched on the mobile phone
For iPhone, please restart the mobile phone, open the APP authorization and
Bluetooth authorization (phone settings - privacy - Bluetooth - allowed apps). If
device cannot be searched in APP, please provide the phone model and system
model. For Android devices, you also need to open the location service and APP
location authorization to search and connect in the APP. (The locate function involves
privacy data, and MICTUNING promises not to collect these data. The locate function
is opened because of the regulations of the physical layer of Android devices).

Q3: How to judge whether the product is powered on correctly?
A3: 1. after connecting the cable, turn on the switch, the switch indicator lights up.
Turn on the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone and search for the device
signal Rock Light-C3 or Rock Light-C3S, which means that the connection is correct
and the product is powered on normally. If not, check whether the connection of
wire harness is correct.

Q4: Can Mictuning APP control multiple sets of C3 rock lights at the same time?
A4: Cannot control multiple sets simultaneously, you can only switch to choose one
set to control. If you want to control more than 8 lights, you can control them by

Q5: How many lights can a control box connect at most?
A5: 32 Pods

Q6: The light are always off, and you can't turn on to control?
A6: Please pair the light with the control box. Pairing method refers to manual and video.

Q7: What is the maximum distance between the lights and the control box to
maintain a normal connection?
A7: In the case of no signal shielding, up to 10-20m (32-66ft).

Q8: After power down, why the lights are still off after power on?
A8: The lights will have power-off protection to avoid accidental damage to the
internal precision components after power down. After power on, it will conduct a
self-check and enter a silent state. At this time, the lights are off, and it needs to send
a signal through the control box to control.

Q9: What is the use of the white line?
A9: The white line is reserved for later maintenance. When you install it, you only
need to hang it in the air, and fix it with electrical tape. No need to connect.

For more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.