MICTUNING is a leading manufacturer of off-road lighting product and auto parts for over 9 years. We are devoted to manufacturing product with artful design, cutting-edge technologies and highest quality standards, creating a cooler and more enjoyable experience for each and every vehicle modification enthusiast.
Our experienced R&D team has independently developed more than 30 products, including light bars, work lights, rock lights, wheel lights, light strips, modified rearview mirrors and more, and own more than 10 product patents. We have our own OME factory, which integrates technology development, formulation, design, processing and manufacturing. We can customize products for customers. At present, many customers have cooperated with us and produced customized products in our factory.
All MICTUNING products follow strict industrial manufacturing quality standards, and have passed the CE, FCC certification, etc. They made of carefully-selected materials and pass through strict quality check to ensure each of you get superior quality. Each product has undergone high-temperature and low-temperature tests to ensure they can maintain stable performance.

MICTUNING RGB LED Rock Lights can provide drivers clear nighttime visibility and enhance the look of vehicles. They are usually well-built and operated through Bluetooth connection. MICTUNING is offering the latest tech with these rock lights. Here we are about to introduce and explain the technology features they offer and the overall performance.

Q1 RGB Rock Lights

How We Got Our Start? - Design Concept

At the beginning of the design, we wanted to create a rock light kit with high performance, high brightness, and equipped with extra wireless remote control, so that users can get more convenient control and better experience via APP or remote control.
In order to achieve our goal, we chose RGB 3-IN-1 high-brightness LED chip, also specially developed and customized a set of Mictuning APP control system, along with the use of Broadcom Bluetooth chip, to better optimize performance of this product.
What's more, by using the self-designed remote control, you can easily control the rock light without opening the mobile APP. The remote control has one-to-one pairing function and built-in encryption code, which can provide one-to-one control of rock light, and you don't need to worry about others being able to control your own device.

What Efforts Have We Made - Design Improvement  

Although the light-emitting surface is limited size, we want to achieve a large irradiation range effect in such a small surface. For this reason, we specially create an oversized light-emitting surface to increase the beam angle and have a larger irradiation range.
Due to the use of high-power lamp beads, it also brings high heat. In order to allow the product to have better heat dissipation, we specially made a cooling fin on the back to better dissipate heat.
We specially added a water drop etching treatment to the light-emitting surface, so that the emitted light can be converted from direct glare to diffuse reflection, thus making the light more uniform and natural.
We hope that this product can bring more convenience and better experience to those DIY vehicle modification enthusiast who like to pursue high quality and high performance.


What Makes Our Product Unique? - Technology Features


  1. RGBColor

Q1 RGB Rock Lights use RGB 3-in-1 LED chip (red, green, and blue). Any color mixing effect can be generated through the APP control, and make the light more uniform due to the diffuse reflection of the light-emitting surface.

  1. Flat Surface Treatment & Beam Angle

The light-emitting surface adopting water drop etching treatment, the light transmittance can reach 90%, and it emits very uniform light. The size of light-emitting surface is 49.3mm x 30.5mm, it produce an illumination angle of 150 degree. 

  1. Bluetooth SOC Chip

The controller uses the expensive Bluetooth SOC chip from Broadcom as the main control chip, achieving more stable Bluetooth connection, faster response speed, excellent performance, high stability and good compatibility. 

  1. Control and Connectivity

Can be controlled by Bluetooth APP & Remote Control.

The mobile phone APP sends commands to the Bluetooth module of the control box. Meanwhile, the control box is connected to the light through the 4-core wire to control the light for different colors and effects.
The remote control is easy and safe to use. In this way, you can also control the rock lights without opening the mobile phone APP. Remote control built-in encryption code, by pairing with the control box, it can provide one-to-one control of rock light. You don't need to worry about others being able to control your own device.

  1. Maximum Connection Quantity of Light

A set of control box can connect up to 16pcs lights at most. 

  1. Durability

These lights are built with industrial-grade AD12 aluminum housing to resist high impact, and cooling fin to dissipate heat quickly. They have an IP68 waterproof rating, meaning they can withstand dust, sand, and dirt and are resistant to water up to 1.5m underwater.

  1. Technical Specification
  • Beam Angle: 150 degree
  • Raw Lumen: 150 lm(Per Light)
  • Power: 5W(Per Light)
  • Voltage: 10-30V
  • LED Chip: 5050 RGB
  • Material: AD12 Aluminum Housing
  • Waterproof Rate: IP68
  • Operating temperature: - 20 ~ 50°C
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • Application: Off-road Vehicles, Car, Truck, UTV, ATV, etc
  • Product certification: FCC, CE
  • Product Patents: Domestic RGBW Utility Model Patents, Domestic And Foreign Appearance Patents


These Q1 RGB rock lights offering advanced and practical features. They provide you safe off-road adventure and make you full of fun with advanced technology and control.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Can't connect with Bluetooth?

A1: First, check the power supply, you can refer to the wiring method 2 of the manual to connect, connect the power correctly, open the Bluetooth option in the phone settings to search for the device. For Android devices, you also need to open the location service and APP location authorization to search and connect in the APP. (The locate function involves privacy data, and Mictuning promises not to collect these data. The locate function is opened because of the regulations of the physical layer of Android devices). 

Q2: What is the function of pairing binding?

A2: Remote control built-in encryption code, so you can control your device one-to-one to prevent others from manipulating your device. (Most of the common remote controls in the market can control each other, causing security risks).


Q3: Four lights on one side are not on?

A3: This is because one of the power cords in the control box has been pulled off, please contact our after-sales staff for quick replacement.


Q4: Can't switch colors after Bluetooth connection?

A4: Please check the device you need to control in the APP options. 


Q5: After the Bluetooth connection, the light is black and you can't turn on the light at all?

A5: This is because one of the power cords in the control box has been pulled off. Please contact our after-sales staff for a quick replacement.


Q6: The APP cannot display the color correctly when switching colors.

A6: Turn on the test mode in the APP, take a video of the color emitted by the LED rock light, contact our after-sales staff, and we will quickly replace the goods according to the video.

For more questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.