12-Way Fuse Block Holder - Blade Fuse Box Screw Nut Terminal LED Indicator, Sticker Labels

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MICTUNING 12-Way Fuse Block Holder helps to keep your electrical wiring neat and safe.
It has a positive and negative side, meaning for every positive terminal screw there's a negative terminal screw.
The indicator light flashes red when the fuse is blown, so you can quickly identify & replace blown fuses.
The Pre-Printed Stickers Labels are handy to remember which wire goes where, and the fuse will be installed easily in fuse box. Free 7.5A 5A 10A 15A 20A 25A Fuses included.
This 12-Way Fuse Block Holder widely used for automotive, marine, truck, trailer, boat, yacht and home applications. Cleans up wiring and allows a level of protection from electrical issues.
  • 12-Way Fuse Box Negative Terminal Block - 12 circuits with negative bus, meaning for each positive terminal screw has a negative terminal screw. Rated at Max. 32V DC, with 30A per circuit & 100A rating for the entire block
  • LED Safety Warning Indicator - The red indicator lights up when the fuse blown, so that you can check easily and replace blown fuses immediately without guessing! Include 7.5A 5A 10A 15A 20A 25A Fuses to meet your need
  • Pre-printed Stickers Labels - Bonus electric device name Labels are provided, according to the name on the sticker, you can quickly identify which electrical appliance is going wrong. Ideas for Automotive Car Truck Trailer Boat and Yacht
  • Strong Dust-proof Cover - Transparent plastic cover with push latch system, easy to open the cover by pressing it. Transparent design, Splash Proof and Dust-proof, helps to add extra protection to your fuses
  • Durable & Reliable - Made of environment friendly PBT material, heat resistant and flame resistant. Marine-grade stainless steel screws have superior corrosion resistance. Easy to install, can be secured via 4 pre-molded holes

  • 1x 12-Way Blade Fuse Box Holder
  • 1x Stickers Labels Set
  • 5x 7.5A Fuse
  • 5x 5A Fuse
  • 5x 10A Fuse
  • 5x 15A Fuse
  • 5x 20A Fuse
  • 5x 25A Fuse

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