6 Way Fuse Box - 10-24V Blade Fuse Circuit Block Panel with LED Warning Indicator & Damp-Proof Cover

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  • Red & Blue LED Indicator for Quick Fix - Instantly identify blown circuits with the red LED indicator, ensuring quick troubleshooting and efficient repairs. When blue LED indicator illuminates, that means it's powered on and runs normally.
  • 6 Way Neat Wiring - 10 to 24 volt fuse block/ground bus kit gives you 6 dedicated fuses and 6 ground locations to keep your wires clean, organized and accessible. The fuse box has a capacity of 80A, each fuse is 20A max.
  • Easy Installation & Identification - Secure input and output terminals with screw tightening and self-tapping screws for fast and hassle-free installation. Use the provided sticker labels to conveniently label connected electrical devices.
  • Versatile Fuse Options - Includes a variety of fuses in different amperages(20A Fuse X4, 15A Fuse X4, 10A Fuse X2, 5A Fuse X2), allowing you to choose the appropriate one for your specific power requirements.
  • Save Power and Money - ACC-controlled Fuse Block prevents power drain. When the car key is turned off, there is no current flow. Nickel-plated copper busbars & stainless steel fasteners for better corrosion resistance and conductivity.

Package Includes:

  • Fuse Box with Protective Cover X1
  • Sticker Sheet X2
  • Screw X4
  • 20A Fuse X4
  • 15A Fuse X4
  • 10A Fuse X2
  • 5A Fuse X2

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