C3 8 Pods RGBW Rock Lights Kit with 15.5" RGBW Wheel Ring Lights Kit, APP Control Music Sync Mode

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  • MICTUNING Bundle Kit- The Bundle package are delivered by two separate packages, included 1x C3 8Pods Lights Kit and 1x 15.5" Wheel Lights Kit
  • MICTUNING EXCLUSIVE MagicLink APP ON THE MARKET - ONE APP CAN CONTROL ALL MICTUNING LIGHTS, help you to get rid of multiple APPs. It can connect multiple lights of SAME TYPE to control (eg,. You can combine both RGBW type of C1 C2 C3 K1 K2 S1 or 8 sets of C2 to control together),which is your best choice on the market. Welcome to Join in MICTUNING FAMILIY!
  • BRIGHTER & PURER COLOR - Adopted RGBW 4-in-1LED chips, any color mixing effect and high-brightness natural white can be generated through APP control.
  • MORE STABLE & SAFTER- The Bluetooth chip from Broadcom to promote more stable Bluetooth connection and faster response speed.

LED Rock Lights Product Description:

C3 8 pods RGBW Rock Lights

Wheel Ring Lights Product Description:

15.5'' RGBW LED Wheel Ring Lighting Kit