MICTUNING 2Pcs 12V Interior Light Bar 6000K White 108 LEDs Universal Light Strip for Van RV Boat Trailer


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1. Super Bright - Built-in 108 high-quality LEDs, 6000K standard white light, lumens up to 2200LM, very bright enough to illuminate your car and everything in it in the dark. Power only 6W, it will not use a lot of electricity, very energy-saving

2.DIY Flexibly - There are 3 DIY connection ways, which combine the light bars through the micro-electronic connector, extension connector and extension cable. Choose different connection ways according to different needs, to achieve the effect what you want. You can control the combined light bar through the main switch, or you can control the light bar separately

3. Longer Service Life - Using strong aluminum as the outer casing, PC material as the lampshade, which is compressive and wear-resistant, not easy to damage, to ensure the service life of the light bar can reach more than 50,000 hours, sturdy and durable

4. Two Installation Ways - The installation is very simple. Equipped with double-sided tape, buckle brackets, and screws, it can be glued to the car or screwed to the car. You can install it anywhere without any space

5. Wide Applications - Can be used as a work light, interior light, cabinet light, emergency light, camping light, etc, suitable for all vehicle, office, cabinets, interior decoration, etc

Complety light up your car at night!
Built-in three rows of a total of 108 LEDs, output bright 6000K white light, lumens up to 2200LM, super bright, which can completely illuminate all the space in the car. 6W power, achieve really high efficiency and low energy.
The PC cover is strong enough to protect the LEDs from damage from the external environment. The outer casing is made of high-quality aluminum, with better heat dissipation and long service life.
There are three different DIY connections and two installations. You can combine the light bars in different ways according to your own ideas and install the light bars anywhere.
Widely used in most vehicles, such as RVs, trailers, vans, boats, cars, etc.

Package includes:
2x LED light bars
2x 40" extension wires
2x extension connectors
1x micro electric connectors
2x double-sided tapes

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    Power: 6W
    Driving voltage: 12V
    Lumen: 2200LM
    Color temperature: 6000K
    Service life: >50000 hours
    Shell material: aluminum