30 Amp RV Surge Protector - RV Power Defender Voltage Protector Anti-Theft RV Circuit Analyzer

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  • Better Protect Your RV - MICTUNING RV Surge Protector absorbs high voltage spikes and offers 2100J Surge Protection, you will feel reassured by knowing that it can well protect your RV equipment from any power surges and could save you a lot of repair dollars
  • Circuit Analyzer with LED Indicator - Diagnostic LED provides fault indication for the wiring issue, detect open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, etc. The surge protection light indicates whether it is offering surge protection or not
  • Ergonomic Handle - Designed with ergonomic handle, it makes plugging and unplugging easier with less pulling and stress, effectively saving your physical strength
  • Waterproof Cover - RV Surge Protector has waterproof cover which protects the circuit from rain, wind, sandstorm. Clear design make it easy to read LED indicators when cover closed
  • Unique Anti-theft Lock - Unique anti-theft keyhole design with a small lock to protect your surge protector from theft, own peace of mind at night

Own Peace Of Mind, Enjoy Your Worry-fee Camping Trip!

  • MICTUNING 30A RV surge protector is a device that can balances sudden peaks of electricity and detects faults in the power supply, protect your RV and electrical equipment from damage.Different combinations of indicator lights show different wiring problems, for example open ground, reverse polarity, open neutral or other wiring problem. The waterproof cover can protect from water during rainy weather; Unique anti-theft design with lock can prevent the theft; Ergonomic handle makes plugging and unplugging easier. Take this RV Surge Protector for your next camping trip, protect your RV and electrical equipment from dangerous high and low voltage as well as sudden power surges caused by lightning.


  • Rating: 30A/125V/3750W
  • Surge Protection: 2100J
  • 30-Amp male plug (NEMA TT-30P)
  • 30-Amp female receptacle (NEMA TT-30R)
  • Operating Temperatures: -35°C to +110°C