AC Digital Multimeter Ammeter Voltmeter with LCD Display 80-260V 100A Current Transformer for Home Appliances

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1. 6 Test Functions - The MICTUNING AC multimeter is mainly used to measure the voltage(80-260V), current(0-100A), power(0-22000W), energy(0-999kWh), frequency(45-65Hz), power factors(0-1PF)

2. Excellent Visual Experience - The LCD HD display screen, combined with the backlight function, makes it easy to read the displayed data, giving you an excellent visual experience

3. Safer Use - With the overload alarm function, when the actual value exceeds the preset value, the backlight will flash to make you know in time. You can set power limits as your need

4. Firmer Installation - With the three-point snap design on both sides, high flexibility, make the installation firmer. The design of the screw wiring makes the wiring firmer

5. Wide Application - Widely used in home appliances, inverter power supply, high and low distribution cabinet, photovoltaic system, etc

Monitor AC circuits more comprehensively!
One interface displays 6 kinds of measurement parameters at the same time, including voltage, current, power, energy, frequency, and power factors, and display the data through the LCD screen.
LCD HD display, 360° viewing without dead angle, with backlight function, it is clearly visible whatever day or night.
One-button control, which can be used to control the backlight, reset energy, and preset power alarm values, very convenient.
With memory function, if the power-off will automatically save the last test data.

1. Wiring order cannot be wrong.
2. This meter is suitable for indoor use ONLY.
3. Applied load should not exceed the rated power or current.

Package includes:
1x AC Power Multimeter
1x 100A Split Core Current Transformer