C2 Red LED Rock Lights, 4 Pods Neon Underglow Light Kits IP 68 Underbody Glow Lamp

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1. Red Rock lights - Enhance Your Vehicle's Look with MICTUNINNG NEW Patent Pending C2 Red LED Rock Lights. Unique red color decorate your love car and make it look more fascinating, create amazing visual effect and enjoyable car journey

2. Bright & Stable Light - Each light adopted advanced LED chips, Brighter And Clearer Lighting Source, more uniform lighting, illuminate the bottom of your car. Low power consumption and energy saving, prolong the service life

3. Wide Viewing Angle - Revolutionary CURVED SURFACE DESIGN, up to 160° Ultra-Wide-Angle light. THE IRRADIATION AREA IS LARGER AND MUCH BRIGHTER compared to other rock lights with a beam angle of 90 degrees on the market

4. Built to Last - IP68 waterproof, dust-proof and rust-proof, they have endured offroad driving, deep snow and heavy rain with no issues. Durable aviation aluminum housing for fast heat dissipation, longer life span up to 50,000 hours

5. Multipurpose - Used for Car Underglow Light, Interior Light, Off-Roading Light, Reverse Light, Dome Light, Chassis Light, Ambient light, Yacht Light, Auxiliary Lighting, etc. Work with 10-30V car, truck, motorcycle, offroad, boat, SUV, UTV, ATV, etc

Pack included:

1 set 4 pods C2 red rock lights

LED Light color: Red
Power: 24W
LED Qty: 24PCS
Lumen: 2145lm
Voltage: 10-30V
Beam Angle: 160 degree
Operating temperature: -40 ~ 70 °C
Material: Aluminum Housing
Waterproof Rate: IP68
Lifespan: 50,000 hours life time