Fuse Block Holder 6/12 Circuit Blade Fuse Box with Waterproof Protection Cover Sticker Labels LED Indicator

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Type: 1 Input/12 Output
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1. Optimal Conductivity - This 12 Way  Fuse Block accepts 1A to 20A ATC/ATO fuses. Electrical Wiring: 1 Input/12 Output. Rated at Max. 32V DC, with 20A per circuit & 100A rating for the entire block. Widely used in Car Truck Boat Marine SUV Yacht RV Van Ships etc

2. Red LED Indicator for Blown Fuse - The red indicator lights up when the corresponding fuse blow, so you can easily figure out the short circuit or any other fault and replace blown fuses immediately

3. IP65 Waterproof - Silicone seal ring used to reduce leakage possibility. Transparent waterproof protection cover can be installed and removed by twisting the thumbscrews, it protects your fuse & fise box from dust, damp and damage

4. Pre-printed DIY Sticker - Bonus labeling stickers included for DIY your specific need. According to the name on the sticker, you can quickly identify which electrical appliance is going wrong, makes testing and repair convenient

5. Safe & Durable - Made of high strength PA66 base, heat resistant and flame resistant, safe to use. With nickel plated copper terminal, stainless steel terminal screws, superior corrosion resistance and high electrical conductivity

Base: PA66
Dust Cover: PC
Terminal: Nickel plated copper
Screw: Stainless steel
Gasket: Butadiene rubber
Seal ring: Silicone

Pack Included:

One fuse box(Not include any fuses)

Main line terminal: M5 threaded stud (100A 32V DC.max ) ; Main line wire: #4-6 AWG
Single line terminal: Copper/nickel plating 1/4" (6.3mm) ( 20A 32V DC.max) ; Single line wire: #12-16 AWG
Accepts 1A to 20A ATC/ATO fuses

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