Control Lights & Devices Remotely with MICTUNING P1s-AC Wireless Switch Panel

There're tons of switch panel available on the market today, most of them are limited by the length of the panel wire. Are you tired of running wires through the firewall? Are you looking for a kind of wireless switch panel that turn it on whenever you want without limits? If the answer to the question is yes, then this one should be on your list—MICTUNING P1s-AC 8/12 Gang Wireless Switch Panel. In this article, we'll explore the remarkable features and exceptional performance of wireless switch panel.

MICTUNING P1s-AC Wireless Switch Panel


1. Wireless Remote Control

Now the most essential feature of MICTUNING P1s-AC wireless switch panel is wireless remote control. No wiring required between the switch panel and the control box, not limited by the length of the panel wire. The wireless control distance up to 165ft(8 gang)/2265ft(12 gang), so you can control lights & electrical devices freely. This a highly useful way to give yourself remote access to things in your vehicle that you can operate from anywhere. You can hide the wireless switch panel away in the glove box or center console when it isn't needed. It also can be able to keep in your pocket if your working outside your truck or bed area and be able to on/off when you done without having to go back to vehicle.

2. Rechargeable

Another outstanding feature is rechargeable in different scenario. The switch panel can be charged via vehicle USB port, power bank, or any phone charger. Type-C charging cable included. Built-in 1000mAh battery, about 14 days of standby time or 8hrs of continuous use after fully charged (2-3hrs).

3. Versatility & Personalization

One of the primary advantages of MICTUNING Wireless Switch Panel is the 3 modes (functions), including constant light/strobe/Momentary, which can turn your lights or electrical devices into auxiliary light, warning light, horn, etc. The 8 RGB color is great to personalize and match your interior lighting scheme. With 5 levels of brightness adjustment (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 10%) to obtain comfortable visual brightness while driving.

4. Power Supply & High Performance

Next come to the convenient way to get power. You can choose to connect wireless switch panel to ACC or Battery for power source, suitable for RV, marine, car, truck, off-road, ATV/UTV, boat, yachts, caravans, etc. The 8 gang switch panel, rated at 720W/12V,1440W/24V, Maximum Current: 60A. The 12 gang switch panel, rated at 960W/12V, 1920W/24V, Maximum Current: 80A. The fuses help protect the control box and your stuff from getting fried.

5.Installation & Upgraded Accessories

Installation is pretty straight forward and everything needed to do is included in the Box. Upgrade with 140pcs stickers so you can mark your buttons and easily associate with the device you're controlling, such as front lights, fog lights, fridge etc. It's great.


So as you can see, everything is built with quality and the features are awesome. If you are looking to power more than one aux item in your vehicle then this switch panel is the product for you. It controls a light bar, fog lights, all your accessories in the car/truck. The Wireless Switch Panel used as wireless remote control, can put in anywhwere you want, not limited by the length of the panel wire. With 3 modes, 8 RGB colors and 5-level brightness to meet your need. Pretty simple to install and looks professional under the hood. There are a ton of stickers to give you plenty of options for each switch. Makes your vehicle life much easier with MICTUNING P1s-AC Wireless Switch Panel!