Upgrade Your Driving Experiences with The J1 Phospherus RGB+IC Headlights

Many car owners are now looking to upgrade their headlights to the new level. Nowadays the RGB+IC headlights are very popular as they provide multiple dynamic mode, dream color chasing and better visibility. However, with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the suitable one for your needs. If you want a set of bright RGB+IC headlights that provide dream color and multiple dynamic modes, then you come to the right place - MICTUNING J1 Phospherus RGB+IC LED Headlights. This post will explore their advantages, so you have full confidence in your upgrade purchase. Let's get started!

Dynamic Dream Color Chasing

The most prominent feature of MICTUNING J1 RGB+IC headlights is dream color chasing. The RGB+IC Chasing Color technology is incredible, allowing you to customize the lights with a variety of colors and dynamic patterns. With 76 Default Dynamic Modes, 8 DIY color modes, full on/off modes, creates a stunning visual display that catches everyone's attention. The J1 RGB+IC Headlights have transformed the look of your vehicle and added a whole new level of aesthetics.

Z-shaped Anti-glare Beam

One of the standout feature is anti-glare. Everyone wants their headlights to be bright but not glaring, don't they? Otherwise the glare light will blind oncoming traffic and may cause serious accident. But with MICTUNING J1 RGB+IC headlights, you'll never have to worry about that again. The headlight designed with Anti-glare Z-shaped cutoff lines, more uniform lighting, No Blind Area or dark spots, never blind oncoming drivers.


Super Brightness

Imagine yourself driving down a dark road, it is essential to have a set of bright headlights that improve visibility. The 120W 7" headlights offer 16000lm high beam and 8000lm low beam, allowing you to see the road more clearly and increasing your safety while driving at night. What’s more, our headlights are DOT approved, so you can drive with peace of mind because these are legal on the road.


Quality and Durability

Last not least, a high quality product can last for long-term use and save your money. MICTUNING J1 RGB+IC headlights are IP67 waterproof and well sealed, can work normally in extreme weather no mater rain and snow. Heavy duty aluminum heat sink dissipates heat faster, greatly prolong the lifespan of light over 50,000 hours, say goodbye to frequent replacement.  


Overall, The MICTUNING J1 RGB+IC LED headlights to be of great value to car enthusiasts who are looking for the high performance LED headlight to upgrade their vehicle's lighting. With dynamic dream color chasing, anti-glare beam, outstanding brightness, and long lifespan, these headlights surpass many competitor on the market. Don't miss out on upgrading your driving experience with MICTUNING J1 RGB+IC LED headlights