MICTUNING 7-Way Trailer Cord with Junction Box Makes Rewiring Your Trailer Easier

You know one of the downsides to using a trailer is having to mess around with those horrible wiring harnesses. You have your 4 or 5 pin flat plugs that just don't seem to hold up to the life of a trailer. Installing this junction box was so simple!! Want to know what they are? Well, here we go…

First, the greatest advantages is that MICTUNING 7-Way Trailer Cord with Junction Box goes beyond your 4-5 plug option. An efficient way to wire your trailer. This box really cleaned up your trailer wiring, makes hooking up trailer wiring much easier, also makes it look a lot cleaner than the factory wiring.


Second, it came with the wiring diagram so it looks very easy to wire, and the wires are different colors. You do have to follow the color coding on the instructions and match it up to the colors for your trailer for the corresponding functions. They tell you exactly what wire colors go where. The green goes to running tail light, yellow goes to reverse light, brown goes to right turn/stop, red goes to left turn/stop, blue goes to brake, black goes to positive/auxiliary, white goes to ground.  If you follow the directions it works perfectly, and can easily connect your left/right turn light, brake signal lamp, reverse light, tail light, etc.

Third, 7-way plug makes it easier to connect. 8FT long cord other than 4ft or 6ft, which is long enough to place the junction box in a convenient and protected location. Very easy to use and saves a lot of time.


Something you will be happy about is the quality of the plug and like how it's completely sealed now versus the exposed wires you had before. Equipped with rubber fitted grommets to better seal where the wires go, making the whole junction box waterproof, dust proof and corrosion resistant. All components are durable and last well in the elements.



Far and away the great option for those seeking to rewire their trailers! The junction box gives you the ability to rewire your trailer wiring a breeze. You will particularly like the way the junction box wires are color coded, prewired and waterproof for long lasting durability. Color-marked wires are easy to identify and add more convenience for wiring. Comes with open/close grommets , the wires themselves are pretty heavy duty, the plug itself looks great, it’s a pretty darn good product for the price honestly!