What Is The Difference Between MICTUING C2 and C3 RGBW Rock Lights?
  • I believe that many huge fans of MICTUNING have purchased our different series of rock lights, and the most they bought were the C2 and C3 RGBW rock lights. Only speaking from the C2's advanced Bluetooth APP control, RGBW DIY lighting effect and pure white color, 160 degree wide illumination angle, up to 320LM per light, it is far better than the light on the market. Did you think that was all? No, MICTUNING has even greater surprises for us! MICTUNING latest C3 RGBW rock lights, which have innovation on the existing functions, give full play to the professional technology advantage, break through the limitation and get higher performance. Since the C2 is so excellent in both its design and function, so what higher performance does C3 have that make us look forward to it? Let me explain the difference between C2 and C3 to MICTUNING rock light buyers.
Control Way & Wireless Connection
  • MICTUNING C2 RGBW rock lights have Bluetooth APP control function. The controller adopts the expensive Bluetooth SOC chip from Broadcom as the main control chip, which makes the Bluetooth connection more stable and faster, Just download a MICTUNING APP to achieve the lighting effect you want. The control panel has multiple protection, and the cooling fin on the back makes the heat dissipation more efficient. Also the lights have undergone high and low temperature test to ensure normal working conditions.
  • As for C3 rock lights, they have new breakthrough on the basis of the C2. They not only support the Bluetooth APP control function, but also support wireless control, including a cigarette lighter plug. The control box is powered by a cigarette lighter. Wireless means that the control box and the light are connected and controlled wirelessly, no wiring is required. There is no limit to the use scene, can be installed in the car, the front of the car, the roof of the car and any position you can think of, as long as within the scope of the normal connection. In the case of no signal shielding between the light and the control box, maximum control distance up to 20 meters. These innovation and technology alone is already leading the way in the market!
The Maximum Number Of Lights Connected
  • MICTUNING C2 rock lights allow 16pcs rock lights at most to be connected at a time, meeting your specific lighting need. Comes with 11.48ft wiring that is long enough to put it where you want. You can also extend the wiring as long as you have extension cord , easy to install.
  • MICTUNING C3 rock lights live up to expectations! They feature 5050RGBW lamp beads, pure color, more uniform light as well as C2. More importantly, The C3 Rock Lights can be extensible up to 32 pods at a time. Yes! They break through the limitation of the number of light connected than before, let more off-roader have more trendy dress up options and cooler lighting effect for their love vehicle!
Beam Angle & Brightness
  • With tens of thousands of experiments, Both MICTUNING C2 & C3 rock lights adopting unique Curved light-emitting surface with diffuse reflection, to increase the beam angle and have a larger irradiation range. The beam angle can reach up to 160 degree, illuminate beneath the vehicle's surroundings while driving!
  • For C2, each pod can produce 320 lumens of light, and C3 is 400 lumens. That is actually very bright for rock lights. Also, The light-emitting surface adopting water drop etching treatment, so that the color of the light emitted is more uniform. What's more, both C2 and C3 are IP68 Waterproof, can well withstand water, dust, mud, and harsh conditions of the road.
Conclusion for Rock Light Buyers
After reading this article, you have full understanding of MICTUNING C2 and C3 RGBW rock lights. Which one would you like to choose? Well, it really all comes down to personal preference and use scenario.
  • They both feature RGBW DIY multi colors, can produces a very bright light and all the colors are pure and accurate. They are easy to control with Bluetooth APP, and durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. C2 is generally more cost effective than C3.
  • If you are looking for rock light that is free from wire constraints, then C3 is a better choice. Of course, C3 is also a bit more expensive than C2. But pay the extra few bucks, you can apply these lights to wide range of use scenario and new wireless technology that makes these lighting setups even more fun than before.

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