What’s The Difference Between RGB Rock Light And RGBW Rock Light?

In the LED lighting industry, the words of RGB and RGBW are commonly seen and heard. The difference between RGB and RGBW has always been a hot topic for many people. Let's talk about it today in detail.

What is RGB ? 

RGB use a 3-in-1 LED that made up of 3 independent red, green and blue LED chip. RGB can only produce white light by mixing colors, but it can't produce pure white light.  

What is RGBW ? 

RGBW uses 4-in-1 LED that made up of 4 independent red, green, blue and white LED chip. From here you can intuitively see that RGBW has one more white chip than RGB. So, what is the purpose of additional white chip? The extra white LED chip produces purer white color

The Difference Betweeen RGB Light and RGBW Light

As mentioned, although RGB light can produce white light, not pure white color. While RGBW make a difference, it can produce pure white due to built-in extra white chip. It helps to create greater possibilities for color mixing with other 3 colors, making color changes more enriched and vivid. Also, RGBW LED lights can illuminate objects more truly and naturally.