Why We Update the MICTUNING APP?

Product optimization and new functions, optimization of function details, user experience, page design, etc., are all for the purpose of giving users a better experience and profit.

Video operation instructions 👉https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-0TgaRGR3c

  • UI Redesign

There are too many Bluetooth devices in the previous version, very difficult to distinguish the devices when switching control, and it is cumbersome to switch control devices.
The updated UI solve the problems. The device type is clear at a glance. If you want to switch devices, go back to the main page and click the device you want to control.

Note: The old version of the App search for device and switch control device

Note: The new version of the App search for device and switch control device

Select the same type of device (RGB, RGBW, rock light dream color, {other dream color later update}) and then combine them

  • Lighting Adjustment Interface and Setting Interface

In the old version of the lighting adjustment interface, the music on the iPhone needs to be imported into the music library, then use music to control light beat.

The new version use microphone input to control light beat, no need to download music and then import it into the library.

Add 4 New Modules:

1. Independent Account:You can use any mailbox to register. (For Android, you can sign up with one click on Google, and for Apple, you can sign up with one click on Apple ID)

2. Scene Module:You can view the use scene video of various lights. Furthermore, like, collect and share the recognized products to social platforms

3. Mall:various products that already on the market, you can view new products and popular products

4. Personal Center:Modify your profile picture and nickname, view your connected devices and collected products, footprints: browsed products