Give You a Wide Field of View for a Safe Ride

Many motorcycles have mirrors but don’t give you the best view or don’t suit your riding position. Having a set of good mirror is an incredibly important thing when you’re riding a motorcycle, which can offer a wide view of what’s going on behind you. Then looks no further than the MICTUNING Hawk-eye Motorcycle Rear View Mirror. They offer high visibility and adjustability while riding in rough trails. Read on and have more knowledge about them.

The Main Features


On the one hand, the mirror adopted 6.1 inch super large convex glass lens that offers a wider range of vision to eliminate blind spots. It offers a wide field of view, allowing you to see everything behind you and reduce the risk of an accident.

On the other hand, these rear view mirrors can be 360 degrees rotated thanks to ball-type connecting join, that enable you to alter them to various positions. You can freely adjust it up & down or sideways for the best viewing angle.

Additionally, unique appearance design is highlighted feature. MICTUNING Motorcycle Convex Rear View Mirror with attractive hawk-eye shape, drastically improve the appearance of the motorcycle and make it stand out. Moreover, a streamlined back that reduces drag at high speeds. The mirrors don't move with high winds, they stay where you set them.


Speaking from durability, the shell is made from high-impact ABS plastic, and the stem is made from steel, and the mirrors themselves are actual glass. It is shockproof and corrosion resistant, works well in all weather conditions.


Last but not least, the product equipped with 10mm clockwise threaded bolt and 7/8" handlebar mount clamp, will take just a few minutes for you to install, regardless of whether you’re experienced. Widely applied to most of motorbike, Street Bike, ATV, Dirt Bike, BMX Bicycle and Scooter, such as Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Victory, Cruiser Chopper, etc. You need to confirm if it fits your model before ordering.


Final Thoughts

These mirrors are fantastic options for those looking for Motorcycle Convex Rear View Mirror. They will make your riding experience much safer, comfortable, and convenient. They feature a wide view to enhance visibility, let you see what behind you clearly. The angle is easy to adjust and the size is just right for the ideal rear view. All in all, the product is high-quality and is affordable, enabling you to realize the worth of your money.