MICTUNING Led Truck Bed Lights - See The Entire Truck Bed In The Dark Clearly
LED truck bed lights, as the name suggests, designed to be installed under the surface of your truck’s cargo area. Many people were already using LED truck bed lights to light up their truck beds, which offer improved visibility to the back of your truck and help you easily find items in your truck’s trunk at night.
If you’re looking for a straightforward LED truck bed lighting solution, have a look at this kit from MICTUNING. In this article, we will give you a solid understanding about the MICTUNING Led Truck Bed Lights for you to make a better purchase. MICTUNING LED Cargo Truck Bed Light kit comes as two strands of lights, each measuring 60 inches long. Each strip project white light to give you crisp visibility. It provide extra light to see what you're grabbing from your truck bed. Never again having to hold a flashlight to see inside the truck bed.Being able to turn on or off light easily is the highlighted advantage you’re going to enjoy. It comes with a on/off switch that allows you to freely control the strips, it is within reach so that it’s easy to operate whenever you need it.
Waterproof design is one of the good aspects of this kit. P67 waterproof rating with a well sealed housing, can easily withstand harsh weather elements like rain and snow. The 30,000 hours lifespan can lasts for long time use.
Something else you will love about this LED truck bed light is the easy installation. The strips are flexible, making them easy to handle and install. Each strip with adhesive tape on the back for a drill-free installation. What's more, you can also fasten the strips to your truck using the included zip-ties, screw and fastener.
Each kit includes the lights, on-off switch with an in-line fuse, 2-way splitter cable, installation hardware, and a user manual. Two-way splitter cable for improved connectivity. And in-line fuse for safety while you are driving the vehicle.
LED truck bed lights can be installed anywhere in the cargo space of a truck and on anywhere that has 12V power source for different applications. Work as RV Awning Light, Truck Bed Light, Step Bar LED Lighting, Side Door Led Lamp, Pickup Bed Light Kit, etc.


Highlighted Features:

2 separate strips of led lights, 60 inches per strip.

ON/OFF switch for operating the lights.

Completely sealed and IP67 waterproof.

Fast and easy installation with adhesive backing.

Inline blade fuse, 2-way splitter for security.


Final Thoughts

It is necessary to have LED truck bed light on your truck bed. MICTUNIGN LED truck bed lights kit is built to illuminate the whole truck bed so that you can see everything in it, and help you out if you are working by yourself at night. On-off switch makes turning it on and off easily. They have adhesive backing that you only have to peel and attach wherever you want on your truck. They are durable to use and can handle all of the elements.