How To Install MICTUNING LED Rock Lights?

As we all know, LED rock lights are installed on the underside of a vehicle, integrating safety, practicality and decoration. They not only give any vehicle a truly custom and individualized look, but also light up your trail to provide increased safety at night.

Nowadays, many people have installed LED rock lights on their vehicles, which are pretty cool, Aha! When seeing this, you also want to install a rock light kit on your vehicle, but you are green hand and have no idea where to start? Well, today this article will introduce the installation of MICTUNING LED rock Lights in detail.

Installation Steps:

  1. First disassemble themudguard on the tire, and drill a wire hole on the mudguard with an electric drill.
  2. Put the mounting pad on the rock light, and pull the light wire into the mudguard along the hole position.
  3. Fix the light on the mudguard with screws.
  4. The other side is also installed in the same way as before.
  5. Pull out the wires of the two lights, connect the two wires to the extension cord.
  6. Pull the extension cord to the bottom of the car, reset the mudguard, then the light installation finished. And lights installed on other wheels also in the same way.
  7. Connect extension cords on the left side wheel together, and connect extension cords on the the right side wheeltogether.
  8. Use cable ties to fix the extension cord on the bottom of the car.
  9. Pull one line of wire harness to the left, and connect it to extension cordon the leftside wheel. 
  10. Pull the other line of wire harness to the right, and connect it to extension cordon the right side wheel.
  11. Next, connect the positive and negative poles of the wire to the car battery.
  12. Arrange the exposed wires. Turn on the toggle switch on wire harness.
  13. Get intothe car, peel off back adhesive on control box, stick it on suitable position and connect to car cigarette lighter, and then press the button to control the rock lights.
  14. We can also use the app to control the rock lights, adjust the mode, change color, speed and brightness, etc.

Installation Notes:

① Ensure that there are no safety hazards during installation, and ensure that the circuit is normal.

② Select the corresponding way to connect the wire, pay attention to the positive and negative poles.


The above is some knowledge of the installation tutorial of the LED rock lights. For those who lack of experience to install, please take a look at this article and hope it can help you! After installation, the rock lights can emit a brilliant color and make your car unique and more attractive. You are ready to have your safe and crazy off-road adventure. 

For more information, you can refer to our installation video, visit MICTUNING products page or contact our sales.

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