MICTUNING 12V Fuse Relay Switch Harness Set for Easier Connection

If you have a hard time understanding relays and their wiring, MICTUNING 12V Fuse Relay Switch Harness Set to makes it much easier. Comes with relay and harness that makes connection easier than ever!

Relays are great for helping prevent electrical fires and for distribution of power to low voltage lights. Also built in fuse for the load, this saves a lot of headaches when wiring something new. All those expensive wiring kits can be done much less expensive this way.


You will Love the fact that the fuse is mounted on the relay itself! Since there is a fuse as part of the assembly, it saved the money of having to buy the fuse housing assembly as well.


The relay sockets come with color-labeled wires for loads/accessories convenient wiring. If you follow the diagram that comes with them, you should have no wiring issues. The interlocking design of unique male-female slot on each socket edge, easy to connect all relays together, offering clean and neat installation.


The relay and harness kits are useful for a ton of applications in automotive systems. Used for car lights, fog lamps, wiper, starter, fans, speakers, traction control systems, etc. These are inexpensive and versatile, much better than local parts at much higher prices.



This type of relay is very convenient because already have a fuse integrated to protect the circuit and easy to remove if need to be replaced. Suitable for multiple car electrical installations. It saves money and saves extra work, easy installation and better than other similar products.