MICTUNING Red Trailer Marker Light Bar for Added On-road Safety

If you are looking for a great Red Marker Light that is bright enough to improve visibility, then you will want to buy this one - MICTUNING 3 Light 9 LED Red Clearance ID BAR Marker Light, that will make your truck/trailer more visible on the road.
Undoubtedly, this is well spaced red marker light, 3 Red LED light are fastened onto a stainless steel bar(3 premium Leds each light, 9 Leds totally). Great replacement for the broken incandescent fixture that came with the trailer. Since the LEDs are vibrant and bright, you are much more visible at night and feel safer since you are easier to see now. The lights are bright enough to do their job, without being annoyingly bright. That is, they are clearly visible but don't glare. No need to worry about any flickering or dimming of the lights.

Next comes to installation. 14.2 inches Identification Light Bar was very easy to install and in few minutes the job was done. It installed in the same holes as the existing one use. A red wire for positive end and 6 metal screws for optional negative end based on your connecting wires length, just works like a charm!


Last but not least, stainless Steel base with tightly sealed ABS cover which lead to durability and longevity in application use. Sealed well, corrosion resistant and well protect leds from moisture and rain drops. Suitable for most RV, van, truck, trailer, camper and boat with DC 12V power source.


Words in the End:

Honestly speaking, MICTUNING Clearance ID BAR Marker Light is very bright and clear on your trailer, great replacement from incandescent. It appears to be sealed well to make them resistant to moisture, the mounting plate is painted black but is stainless. Installation is quick and easy, mounting holes are slotted all around product! Fit right on, and hook right up without a problem. Overall, it is simple but good build, does the trick at a great price.